Subsistence News-3/18/94

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Subject: Subsistence News-3/18/94



*Under ANILCA (Section 803) subsistence use means “the customary and traditional use by rural Alaska residents of wild, renewable resources for direct personal or family consumption as food, shelter, fuel, clothing, tools or transportation; for the making and selling of handicraft articles out of nonedible byproducts of fish and wildlife resources taken for personal or family consumption; for barter, or sharing or personal or family consumption; and for customary trade”.

*Customary and traditional use means a long established, consistent pattern of use, incorporating beliefs and customs which have been transmitted from generation to generation. This use plays an important role in the economy of the community.

*Rural means any community or area of Alaska determined by the Federal Subsistence Board (FSB) to qualify as such. Only residents of communities or areas that the FSB has determined to be rural are eligible for the subsistence priority.

*All Alaska is considered rural, “except” Adak, Valdez, the municipality of Anchorage, the Fairbanks North Star Borough, and, also, Homer, Juneau, Kenai, Ketchikan, Seward, Wasilla, and certain areas immediately surrounding these communities.

Customary and Traditional Use determinations

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