Subsistence News-3/11/94

To   Subsistence 2

From:      Larry Roberts:R10F02A

Postmark:  Mar 10,94  8:33 AM          Delivered: Mar 11,94 10:02 AM

Status:    Previously read

Subject: Subsistence News-3/11/94



*The Federal Subsistence Board (FSB) is looking for people willing to serve on the Subsistence Regional Advisory Councils (RAC). The Councils are the primary means by which subsistence users can influence the regulatory and allocation decisions of the FSB.

*Council members are appointed by the Secretary of Interior and Agriculture for three-year terms.

*There are ten RAC across the state that represent the different geographic, cultural, and user diversity.

*Council members represent the subsistence interests of the residents of the region from which they are appointed.

*Carol Jorgensen is the Coordinator for the southeast RAC (Region 1), and Helga Eakon is the Coordinator for the southcentral RAC (Region 2).

*For additional information and or applications to the RAC please consult your Regional/Area-Forest/District Subsistence Coordinator.

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