Subsistence News-2/11/94

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Subject: Subsistence News‑2/11/94



*Debra Williams, an attorney with experience in the Carter administration, has been named the new chairperson of the Federal Subsistence Board (FSB).

*A bill was recently introduced in the state legislature to amend the Alaska constitution and grant a rural preference for subsistence. The political climate does not appear favorable for its passage.

*Federal District Court Judge Russel Holland’s “tentative ruling” concerning the Katie John vs. U.S. lawsuit concludes that “public lands” (ANILCA Title VIII) includes all navigable waters in Alaska.

*Holland elaborates, “the navigational servitude extends to all navigable waters in Alaska including coastal waters within the three mile territorial limits.”

*Legal arguments in the Katie John vs. U.S lawsuit are not expected until at least mid‑March. Regardless of the final Federal District Court decision, it is expected the case will be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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