Subsistence News-2/25/94

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From:      Larry Roberts:R10F02A

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Subject: Subsistence News‑2/25/94



*The Southeast Regional Advisory Council (RAC) met in Juneau, February 3‑5, 1994.

*The southeast RAC dealt with 17 separate 1994‑95 Season and Bag limit proposals. Successful proposals are forwarded to the Federal Subsistence Board (FSB) for action.

*Testimony before the RAC was presented by rural subsistence users, as well as representatives from Federal and State agencies.

*The Federal Subsistence Board is scheduled to meet in Anchorage, April 11‑15, to act on the various proposals from throughout the ten RAC’s.

*Some of the proposals forwarded to the FSB include: a Yakutat community harvest of 10 cow moose; establish transferrable permits; and allow 1 Brown bear every year.

*Additional proposals from the southeast RAC include: elimination of the boating restriction within portions of the southeast Alaska region; Allow for proxy hunting in some areas; and opening subsistence moose hunting throughout the central portion of southeast Alaska.

Southeast Regional Advisory Council (RAC)

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