Subsistence News-2/23/96

To   Subsistence 2

From:      Larry Roberts

Postmark:  Feb 22,96 10:38 AM          Delivered: Feb 22,96 10:38 AM

Subject: Subsistence News-2/23/96



*Proposed Federal regulations will soon appear in the Federal Register which will amend Subsistence Management Regulations for Public Lands in Alaska. These proposed changes expand jurisdiction for wildlife and fisheries management. These recommended changes may appear as early as April 5th.

*Alaskan anthropological literature reveals wildlife and wildlife products play an important role not only in nutrition and standards of living, but also in the ceremonies and long-standing social and religious traditions of Alaskan Natives.

*Hunting and fishing are important activties for non-Natives as well. Anthropological surveys suggest that the continued existence of wildlife, and the opportunity to hunt and fish, are inseparable to the maintenance of what some call the “pioneer” Alaskan lifestyle, especially in rural communities.

*Human survival, the economy, and the means of establishing prestige and of maintaining peace have all involved the consumption, transfer, and exchange of fish, game, and of products made from them, since time immemorial.

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