Subsistence News-2/9/96

To   Subsistence 2

From:      Larry Roberts

Postmark:  Feb 07,96 11:41 AM          Delivered: Feb 07,96 11:41 AM

Subject: Subsistence News-2/9/96



*Alaska’s Lt. Gov. has released a new draft version of her “Alaska Solution to the Subsistence Impasse”. This latest edition is dated 1/31/96.

*Major changes between the two versions are highlighted here:

  1. allow educational/cultural permits for people surrounded by non-subsistence peoples. It would also expand “proxy” hunt system to allow urban subsistence users to hunt for those in rural communities.
  2. Enhance the current management structure to utilize local fish and game advisory committees, Regional Subsistence advisory councils, and Boards of Fish and Game.
  3. State constitutional amendment change to “may” rather than “should” (e.g., the state legislature may grant a subsistence preference for rural residents). And
  4. Congress will revise definition for “reasonable opportunity”. Additionally, the courts will defer to the Fish and Game Boards concerning biological or questions of fact.

*The Southeast Native Subsistence Commission (SENSC) and the Central Council of Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska received $49,000 from the National Park Service for Phase II of the Traditional Place Names Survey in southeast Alaska. Phase II place name maps will be made available for Saxman, Ketchikan, Klukwan, and Haines.

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