Subsistence News-2/16/96

To   Subsistence 2

From:      Larry Roberts

Postmark:  Feb 15,96  3:10 PM          Delivered: Feb 15,96  3:10 PM

Subject: Subsistence News-2/16/96



*The Southeast Federal Subsistence Regional Advisory Council (RAC) recently met in Wrangell, February 8-9.

*Highlights of the RAC meeting provide a glimpse of pending litigation concerning the management of fisheries in navigable waters of Alaska. The US Supreme Court is expected to rule on the Katie John vs. US lawsuit this spring.

*A new proposal was adopted by the RAC which allows for the taking and use of wildlife for food in traditional Alaska Native religious ceremonies. These specific ceremonies must be part of a funerary or mortuary cycle, which includes memorial potlatches. Under the adopted proposal, wildlife may be taken outside of the seasons and bag limits.

*Another adopted proposal opens federal public lands on the Stikine River drainage to the harvest of moose. This proposal reinstates the Alaska state registration permit system in place of the existing federal permit system.

*The fall Southeast RAC meeting is scheduled for Kake. Specific dates have not been finalized.

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